Lonndeu is an independent wellness brand born in Fårö, Sweden, based in Stockholm and Auckland.

FÅRÖ, 2020.

Sheida had escaped city life in Stockholm and settled in Gotland during the summer of the pandemic. Surrounded by the captivating landscapes, fragrant herb gardens and the gentle rhythm of life on Gotland, a vision began to take shape – the birth of Lonndeu.

Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of Fårö and the unhurried pace of island life, Lonndeu seeks to weave natural simplicity into everyday existence. In a world inundated with stimuli and disconnected from nature, Lonndeu wants to reconnect modern souls with the calming power of pure, natural and non toxic products. 

Each product is crafted with meticulous care and devotion. From our hero range of organic essential oils distilled in Europe, to our soothing aroma hot steam eye masks and handcrafted ceramics – each item embodies the timeless allure of Fårö.

In 2021, Lonndeu was selected as one of the companies to participate in Google #Westart incubator for female founded start ups.