Our story

Pure and natural aromatherapy products to help achieve inner well-being.

Fårö, 2020. A seed was planted. Sheida was based in Gotland during the summer and Lilian was visiting. On a quiet morning in Fårö, inspired by the unique landscapes, herb gardens, the slow lifestyle and the creative handicraft that characterizes Gotland, a dream and vision about Lonndeu was born. 

Many people associate aromatherapy with spa experiences; something that you rarely treat yourself to. Lonndeu wants to bring aromatherapy into the everyday life of the modern human who struggles with an abundance of impressions via the constant online connection, sedentary work and not being close to nature.

The two friends started to work on their idea in spring 2021 and was soon afterwards selected as one of the companies to participate in Google #Westart incubator for female founded start ups.